Meeting Up in September

On Saturday 26th September, most of the Commended and Highly Commended Poets from our Short Poem Competition will be spending the afternoon with the Competition Judges in the Elwin Room in the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution in Queen Square.

We have had a remarkable take-up for this exciting and convivial afternoon.  Considering the distances that most competitors and judges will be travelling to take part, it is clear that we all feel that this is going to be a very special event.  There were twenty eight poets on the Commended and Highly Commended lists.  Of these, only four cannot be with us on 26th September, one because he was already booked in for a conference, another because it would mean her having to travel from Penzance.

The detailed programme for the afternoon is now taking shape, with three reading sessions and a reprise of Tom Tafferty Went Dancing, a particularly uplifting song from Annie Fisher and Tony Watts which was first performed in Bath at our Day of Good Poetry on 7th March this year.  The Cafe Poets will be running a Book Table throughout the afternoon, on which all the readers will be welcome to display and sell their books.  Generous breaks between the reading sessions will give everyone plenty of time to meet the poets, and to browse the books.

With their authors’ permission, I would like to start featuring some of the listed poems on this blog and will be writing to some of you shortly to ask whether this would be agreeable to you. Between us, we will make sure that no mentions on the blog will prevent you entering the poems for other competitions, or submitting them to magazines. For those of you who don’t know the BRLSI, here is a picture of writer Alasdair Saskena reading one of his short stories at the Independent Bath Festival of Literature in the Elwin Room. Notice how comfortable the chairs are. The room can seat up to 100 people. In a few months, twenty eight of our competition poets will be reading here.  Tickets for the afternoon will cost £5 at the door.

Elwin Room

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