Saturday October 7th 2017


A workshop for the Bathscape Project given on 17th September 2017

Have just finished and mailed out the group poem which grew from the marvellous writings done in Kelston Barn.  William Heath’s barn is the perfect writing space and had attracted such sensitive, receptive and adventurous writers that the afternoon could hardly fail.  Even so, given that we only had a few hours together, and that many of us were strangers to each other, I was amazed and humbled by the quality of the response.  I will post up Building the Kelston Barn when the twenty six authors have had time to see what has happened to their work. For now, just many and deepest thanks to all of these for trusting the workshop enough to let me compile this moving celebration of the day.

Claire Coleman, Darren Evans, Jill Field, Louise Green, Tanya Guildford, Charlie Hancock, Meretta Hart, Margaret Heath, William Heath, Caroline Heaton, Radha Housden, Rosie Jackson, Andrew Lawrence, Michael Loveday, Helen Mumford, Ras Nyah, Ann Preston, Phillip Shepherd, Tessa Strickland, Liban Suleiman, Eliot Warwick, and Conor Whelan.



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