The Fortunate Voyager

After two years working on my first novel, it seemed a good idea to rename this blog so that I could explore prosaic matters as well as poetry.  The Fortunate Voyagers is the English name of one of the art installations which feature in my Venice bookUnder its Italian title, I Viaggatori Fortunati will be privileged to be chosen for a fictional biennale – not so privileged to have its pavilion swept away in the storm surge which will desolate the outer islands and lay waste to a much loved garden on the Guidecca.

The Venice book is finished now, after two roller-coaster years, and I am truly fortunate to have so many good friends willing to read and comment on the fifth draft segments as they pluck up courage to brave the light of day.

Thank you so much to SARAH GREGORY, ANN PRESTON and JUDE WISDOM for offering to do this.  And to my blog friend ERLA ZWINGLER who has so kindly advised me about the correct month in Venice for buying persimmons.  I hope that those of you who have been following Exploring Poetry will continue to follow my journey on this newly titled blog.




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